Alzheimer's and Memory Care

Providing Security & Preserving Dignity.

At First & Main of Lewis Center, seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss take comfort in our innovative, home-like suites and the attention to care, security and respect shown here. Unlike traditional memory support options, memory care at First & Main is an integral part of the community but strategically designed for utmost privacy and peace of mind.

Beautifully appointed living spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and controlled access systems to help assure residents’ safety without intruding in their daily routines. Knowing our specially trained team members are always monitoring memory care residents’ wellbeing and attending to their needs provides unconditional peace of mind for loved ones.

As the needs of memory care residents are unique and will change over time, we tailor our support services based on each individual’s goals, preferences, abilities and challenges. Residents and their families work with the Health & Wellness Director to identify and coordinate their personalized care.

Memory care residents benefit from special dietary menus and structured social activities to promote brain health and slow the progress of the disease – as well as secure access to our beautiful solarium, a radiant sunroom with lots of natural light for an outside feel.

The third floor at First & Main of Lewis Center provides memory care residents with their own dining room, activity spaces, walking paths and more. Since Alzheimer’s and dementia exist on a spectrum, the third floor is divided into four neighborhoods allowing residents to participate and socialize in small groups per their needs and desires.


This area bridges the independence of assisted living with the additional attention required by seniors who experience periods of confusion or forgetfulness. Thoughtfully designed living areas are equipped with unobtrusive, state-of-the-art security systems, providing assurance that residents are safe without intruding in their day-to-day routine.


Seniors with more advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s receive 24-hour specialized care in an environment specially designed for privacy and safety. Residents enjoy more structured social activities, games and crafts to keep the mind fresh and slow the progress of their dementia.

Memory Care Floor Plans:

You’ll find special features to assist those with memory loss interwoven throughout each residence, so that each individual is surrounded by familiarity, comfort and peace of mind.

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Designed to preserve dignity and ensure safety, memory care studios provide a simple, comfortable home for residents dealing with various stages of memory loss. Every carefully planned detail – from the location of the bathroom door to the use of accent colors – helps reassure and orient residents to their environment, promoting wellbeing and providing peace of mind. Approximately 350 square feet.


With a spacious living space and a private bedroom and bathroom, memory care apartments provide a safe and welcoming home for residents dealing with various stages of memory loss. Every detail was designed with the latest research in mind – from the layout of the bathroom, which allows visual access, to the use of accent colors for orientation. Approximately 500 square feet.

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