Parkinson’s care


For caretakers supporting a loved one with Parkinson’s disease, there often comes a time when additional help is needed. Through their battle with this neurological disease, you have likely experienced your loved one facing challenges with muscular rigidity, tremors, and major changes with their speech and mobility. These changes have more than likely made your loved one’s day-to-day tasks more challenging and, sometimes, even impossible. If someone in your life is in need of additional resources, one-on-one assistance or round-the-clock care, then we hope you’ll consider the compassionate Parkinson’s care provided at First & Main of Lewis Center.

At First & Main, we’re committed to helping your loved one maintain as much independence as possible, while providing them with the specialized Parkinson’s care they need. This means a fully customized assisted living environment with a care plan we create together. We work with each of our residents and their families to honor their personal values and maintain the lifestyle they love, creating an evolving Parkinson’s care plan that will support your loved one through every aspect of their diagnosis.

Whatever the stage of your loved one’s aging journey, we are prepared to create a Parkinson’s care plan that fits their unique needs. From assistance completing day-to-day tasks like dressing, self-care and medication management, to important dietary-based routines, our specially trained staff is in place with on-demand, compassionate support.


In addition, our overall care philosophy at First & Main of Lewis Center focuses on the overall, holistic wellness of each of our residents. This includes a dedication to the physical, mental, social and spiritual enrichment of everyone who joins us here. Our assisted living programming, events and amenities are centered around providing a fulfilling lifestyle to our Parkinson’s patients because we know this standard of care has been shown to help slow the advancement of this progressive condition.

When it’s time to seek out Parkinson’s care for your loved one, First & Main of Lewis Center is here for you. Contact us today to learn more or to arrange a tour of our innovative assisted living community

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